Researching family history

Family research experts advise a six step approach to researching family history as part of a family genealogy or ancestry project.

First, recall and record as much information as you can about your family using charts and tables. Second, use sources in your home like birth, death and marriage certificates, family bibles and other papers. Third, ask relatives to help.

Next, choose a particular family ancestor you want to learn more about. Check to see if someone else has already found the information. Then, go research archives and record books.

A vast amount of advice, and form documents, can be found at the nonprofit "Family Search" site:

  Visit the Family Search web site

So many people or their ancestors passed through Ellis Island. And so much information, like passenger details, ship names and arrival dates can be obtained easily from your desk top computer:

  Visit the Ellis Island web site

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Interested in military records - enlistment information, awards and decorations? Prisoners of war? Japanese civilians interred during WWII? Arrivals in New York during the Irish famine? The US National Archives is a treasure trove of information, much of it on line:

   Go To US National Archives

The US census is taken every decade. You can search census records for each decade from 1790 to 1930 - on line and for free - at

  Search 1790-1939 census records

The Federal government's social security death index can be helpful in tracking down deceased relatives. You can search it for free at Roots Web:

  Search the Social Security Death Index

If connecting to the greater human family through long term genetic ancestry is more your thing then DNA testing through the World Family Network may be the answer:

  Connect to World Family Network

Researching family history

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