Video Tributes for Gala Events, Birthdays and Anniversaries

Many of our video production projects are prompted by a gala event, a birthday, an anniversary or a reunion. After all, there are few better times to honor someone you love and respect.

Sometimes, the guest of honor is interviewed for the tribute. Other times, the whole project is a surprise to them, and all the video we need is shot of friends, family and colleagues. (Occasionally, we just rely on the photos.)

At Your Story Here Video Tributes, we are masters at posing intriguing and sometimes fun questions then combining the interview footage with photos, home movies, historical footage, music, inspirational sayings maybe - you name it - into one seamless, informative and entertaining video tribute presentation.

Celebration Video Tribute

Imagine celebrating your guest of honor with an award winning video tribute.
A video tribute is a magnificent accolade to a special life, and a great
center piece for a jaw dropping event.
  Case study 1:


  Case study 2:

     Love Letter

Gift Boxes

What a surprise! A gift of a video biography. The greatest gift.

"It was easy. I called them up, e-mailed them some photos, they designed a DVD box with an inscribed blank disk and we gave it to Mom at Christmas. She was completely thrilled.

"Jane contacted Mom later, they got together, and Your Story Here put together a terrific personal history documentary. I just wish I had done it for my Dad before he passed."
   (Todd Doney, Vice Chairman of C B Richard Ellis Brokerage Services, Los Angeles)

You may have someone in mind whose birthday or anniversary is coming up. Maybe you are thinking of a gift for the Holidays.

"My son gave me a video biography gift box for Christmas. I was thrilled."    (Alyce: Arcadia)

With 3 or 4 photographs, and just a day or two, we can create a stunning and unique DVD box that is perfect to give as a gift. Imagine your loved one's surprise!

Inside the box we place an individually inscribed disk with a special greeting from you. We will then work with the subject to complete their story.

Our tribute video design work is second to none: Check out these samples and call us today!

  Joe & Susan DVD Cover Art                   Steve & Brent DVD Cover Art

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Celebration Video Tributes

Do you have a gala event, birthday, anniversary or other special event coming up? A family reunion maybe?

There is no better reason to create a tribute video, video biography or personal history video than for an upcoming gala event or birthday, anniversary or reunion celebration.

We pride ourselves on meeting the special biography challenge of creating entertaining, funny and high energy video presentations perfect for large group and party viewing.

Our video tributes are thrilling enough to hold an audience's attention, yet substantial enough to serve as an enduring record of a valuable life.

Check out our demo reel (main video) and please look at our two case studies - one video honoring a noted philanthropist and the other honoring a loving partner and wife.

Appreciation for our Tribute Videos

"I want to personally thank you for the outstanding video you produced for tonight's celebration.

"I heard so many compliments about it. I think it was perfect in every respect."

Victoria Collins, Ph.D
Chairman, Board of Governors, Center Club

Your Story Here specializes in custom designed DVD boxes that are perfect to showcase your special video tribute.

A tribute video: the greatest honor.


Case study: Susan's Garden: A Video Love Letter

"Susan's Garden"

For a special birthday celebration, we (& devoted husband Tom) produced this
"video love letter" - his way of saying in a DVD video just how much he loves Susan.
Tom Patty is not the sort of man to do things by halves. His career as an adman gave him clients like Nike, Nissan and Pizza Hut. When he retired from Chiat/Day Advertising in 1998 he was President and Worldwide Account Director.

Sailing every Thursday and riding his bike a hundred miles a week, Tom now advises hundreds of small Orange County businesses every year as part of his job as a SCORE counselor. And he has lost none of the drive - or the talent for spotting trends - that put him on top in the advertising world.

So when Tom's wife Susan was turning 60, Tom knew he wanted something special. And he didn't just want to buy more 'stuff'.

"So much of our time - and our money - is spent on stuff. Just stuff.

"I should know, I have sold a lot of stuff over the years!" says Tom with a wry smile.

Don't get him wrong. Tom has nothing against flat screen TVs and other grown ups' technology toys. He just thinks that we - all of us - are looking for more.

Meaning in our lives
"We want more meaning in our lives." says Tom - who through his SCORE work and industry associations still spends a lot of his time thinking about the Next Big Thing. "In the decade ahead, the intrinsic worth of things - their subjective meaning - will come to have greater and greater significance in all of our purchasing decisions. We want things that really matter."

As it happened, one of the small businesses that Tom has been advising fills just the niche he has in mind. Your Story Here LLC Video Biography is an emerging Orange County business that specializes in tribute videos honoring people who may not be celebrities to anyone but their families and friends. In Tom's case, the thing that really matters is his wife Susan.

"My wife wants a large garden in the North West. I reflected on that for a long time," says Tom. "In truth, the whole world is Susan's garden. She cares for a large circle of friends and family just as she would care for her garden. I wanted someone to help me turn that concept into a gift."

The result of Tom's vision - and Your Story Here's production expertise - is a 35 minute video tribute show called "Susan's Garden". All of Susan's "garden" appears - from her smallest flowers (her grandchildren) to her oldest. "That would probably be me!" says Tom.

Shape of things to come
"I think it is the shape of things to come," says Tom, who carries "Susan's Garden" in his iPod Touch and readily plays it for anyone too slow or too polite to escape. The technology is great - but Susan is what really matters."

Your Story Here owner Jane Shafron agrees. "We are seeing an increasing interest in personal value products like our tribute videos", she says. "Baby boomers worked hard all their lives for material comforts and are now discovering that true wealth only comes from personal connections and meaning." As one of Jane's recent blogs has it: "It's not about the toys."

And Susan's reaction? As a long-time producer herself, she was always going to be a tough audience. "It's one of the sweetest things he has ever done", she says.