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Your Story Here Life Story and Legacy Video tailors projects to your special needs. Or, consider these options:

Our most popular product is our Deluxe Life Story Video Package which includes up to 50 minutes of fully edited video integrating interview footage with 100 restored photographs, documents, maps and historical images and footage. For this personal history documentary, we film an "occupational" introductory sequence capturing the subject's favorite activities and interests, or visiting places from their history - like their birthplace or first house. We also include other special features, such as bonus tracks of additional interview material.

life story video DVD boxes images The Premium Life Story Video Package runs up to 40 minutes of fully edited video. You receive a full-on documentary of your loved-one's life. In the Premium Life Story Video, we combine personal interviews and up to 80 restored photographs, documents, maps and historical images and footage, to create a stunning "A&E" style personal history documentary.

For both life story video packages, we custom design a DVD box and place chapters navigated from the custom DVD menu. We can also provide all of the raw, unedited footage - "the master tapes" - on hard drive.

The Life Story Video Interview features a researched interview lightly edited with chapter breaks and a custom DVD menu. (A good "budget" option for those who want a professional interview, but wish to defer editing the interview into a personal documentary for a later time.)

We also create innovative DVD Photo Montages restoring photographs and carefully adding captions and specially selected background music. We add titles and milestones. This product is perfect for anniversaries, reunions, memorials and funeral services:   Video Memorials    

For each life story video product, legacy video and family memories video DVD, we create our trade mark custom DVD box and associated video graphics featuring images and information about the subject within a one-of-a-kind design. This helps ensure that the video is watched by all the family. Our work in this area often leaves our clients speechless!

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We always include a DVD menu and photo captions.

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Life Story Video & Legacy Video

With Your Story Here you can choose from a range of personal and family history biography packages.

And if you are interested in recording a business life on DVD - we have just introduced:

  Video Business & Career Tributes.

All life story and legacy videos are recorded to a DVD disk - a durable video disk playable on any TV or computer.

And each legacy video and family history memories disk comes in a custom designed DVD box - with stunning art work specific to Your Story.

Your Story Here video biography products can be formatted for web posting or even iPhone, iPad & iPod viewing.

Of course, packages can be tailored, for example we are often asked to combine the life stories of couples. Whichever life story video, legacy video or family video memories DVD you choose, you can be sure that the highest standards of care and attention have gone into making Your Story an heirloom that will be treasured for many years to come.

Life story video, legacy video and family history memories: Options to suit all clients.

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