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Below are personal and family history links that you may find useful.

Genealogy Resources Online   Good list of genealogy links recommended by the genealogy class at the W.B. Goodwin Community Center.

Next Gen Memorials   Life celebration ideas and products to guide you through planning a memorial service or funeral.
Life Story Video Blog   A "test" blog we set up devoted to saving lives through video and featuring stories about folks who have saved their lives through video.
The Love Letters Squad   While a good love letter says hello, a great love letter changes lives. The Love Letter Squad helps you write letters that will become treasures to be kept forever.
The Funeral Lady   Personal eulogies and tributes sharing the life and personality of the deceased so memories live on in a memorable way.
Obituaries Help   Access newspaper obituaries and discover your genealogy online. Resources like old newspaper obituary archives, free genealogy forms and printable family charts.
Make-Family-Tree   Genealogy-based site helping people start, research and discover family history. Includes census records, obituaries, DNA genealogy, family trees, histories, templates and more.
Choose Your Words   Interviews on CD, written histories, ethical wills, corporate histories and legacy statements: your personal history choices.
Aging Artfully    Aging Artfully: 12 Profiles of Visual and Performing Women Artists 85-105, including Frances Kandl's CD "7 Songs of Women's Lives" and Greg Young's DVD "Still Kicking" - exemplary role models whether you are in retirement or not yet!.
Sally Goldin   Beautiful personal history books about lives to preserve and share with family members.
Memoir Mentor   Classes and seminars showing people how to write memoirs and family histories.
Generation Maps   Genealogy pedigree charts, family trees, and other professional chart types.
LifeGems   Personal Histories - Canada: Writing workshops plus writing, editing and production services for personal, family and corporate history books, biographies and memorials.
Stories to Last   Professionally bound, beautifully designed and fully illustrated personal biography books.

All Genealogy Sites: All Genealogy Sites Directory
Census Finder:Census Finder - Free Census Records Online
Ancestor Hunt: Free genealogy search engines

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