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A video business biography is a personal profile of a life in business; a tribute in video. It tells the story of a business career, from ambition to education to first job to first big break to success. Ideal for milestones or retirement.

Or, you may have a company, nonprofit, school or association history in mind. A video profile or corporate story on video celebrates an anniversary in operation - 50 years perhaps - from inception, through growth (moments of doubt and uncertainty, struggles and triumphs) to present day and plans for the future. Great for websites and also staff morale.
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Executive Tribute Videos

Some people choose to record a business biography while the subject is still in the thick of their career. Others wait until retirement and create an executive and retirement tribute video. And some others, like space and satellite television pioneer Steve Dorfman (featured in the embedded video to the right) never actually retire - but do take some time out of a busy schedule to tell about it all - for all those who follow.

Business and career occupy an enormous part of our lives. Business and career also consume a large part of our emotional and intellectual capacities. But many of us never seem to find the time or the opportunity to tell about how it started and how it developed. That is where a video business biography, executive & retirement tribute video and corporate stories on video come in.

With this new service from Your Story Here - an award-winning documentary production company based in southern California - you can set the record straight and pass on some of the wisdom and lessons to those who follow you.

Video business biographies and profiles of your life in business are perfect for all small, medium and large business owners. They are also a perfect video memoir of working lives for every man and woman who strived to achieve success in their professional lives. As an executive video tribute, they make a perfect retirement gift.

Celebrate a life with a video business biography, executive or retirement tribute video or corporate story on video from Your Story Here.

"Stages" Career Tribute

Steve D's business interests still include satellite services - and horse racing...

Why a business video profile?

Why invest in a business video profile, a career tribute or a video business biography?

For some of us, our own business - or our business career - is both an occupation and a thing of passion - much more than just a job!

And the experiences we have along the way - the battles, the challenges and the achievements - as well as relationships we form through our business, can be among the most challenging and fulfilling of any in our life.

So when it is time for you to create a video profile of your business, or to record a business video biography, executive or retirement tribute, or corporate story on video, call Jane on the number below.

We can help you create an inspiring and professional executive or retirement video tribute celebrating a lifetime of successful work.

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