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Q: How is Your Story Here LLC different?
A: We are the best at what we do.

Q: Meaning?
A: We don't just film an interview, we create professional family history documentaries and enduring tributes. Look at some of our samples:
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Even more important, we care about our subjects.

Q: Do you only do family history and tributes?
A: Much more! Our vast experience with images and video allows us to offer the same exceptional service in photo restoration, video transfers, general editing and even web video.

Q: OK - back to family history: Do you use standard questions?
A: No. Each life is different. We work with you to ensure we capture the stories most important to you and your family.

Q: Can I give a video biography as a gift? How would that work?
A: You give us some photos and some information and we design a custom DVD box - with a special message inside. You can wrap and give that as a gift. We then work with the subject later to complete the biography.

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Q: What about the photographs?
A: We scan and restore each one individually using Photoshop CS5. We always add captions giving the who, what, where and when. We can also help select photos and usually include relevant archive and historical images.
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Q: Who will I be dealing with?
A: Jane. She co-owns the business.

Q: OK. If I go ahead, how many copies do I get?
A: As many as you need. We deliver up to 5 for the price. We can also format the project for iPods, iPads or the web.

Q: I have a lot of genealogy research and old documents. Can you include them?
A: We specialize in showcasing genealogy research. If you have written a family history, we can include that information in an accompanying DVD booklet (up to around 10,000 words).
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Q: Can you really fit a whole life story into one DVD?
A: Not all of it! But only a film recording, like video, can capture the essence of a person - their personality, their smile. How lucky we are to be living at a time when this is possible!

Q: My father had a long life and tells long stories!
A: That's great! We typically record two to three times the amount of material actually used. Some clients like to have the unedited "master tapes" in addition to the edited project.

Q: How do I get ready?
A: Gather as many old photographs as you can. We don't need them all, just as many as you can find. We often help with this process. And don't worry about condition - we'll fix them. We also like to include important documents, like old passports, immigration records, letters or telegrams, and birth records. We especially like to talk about recipes, toys, pets and the fun side of life! We make it easy.
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Q: I am not as young as I used to be...
A: Your Story is not a vanity project. It's family history! We certainly encourage you to look your best and can help select an outfit that suits the subject and is video-friendly.

video-biography-dvd-boxesQ: I would love you to record my Dad's war experiences. Is that something you have done before?
A: Absolutely. We have recorded stories from Pearl Harbor, the Pacific War, the war in Europe, Korea, and Vietnam - to name just some.
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Q: How much does a video biography cost?
A: There are a number of variables such as final edited length. We do our best to work within all budgets so please call to discuss. And by all means shop around - here's an article on video biography industry pricing options.

Q: I have done some things in my life I'm not so proud of; plus there are the sad times...
A: This is Your Story. Talk about what is important and comfortable to you. If you say something in the interview that you change your mind about the next day - no problem. We can leave it out.

Q: What do you ask about?
A: We explore your childhood, parents and grandparents; school days and working life; interests and experiences; lessons learned and values. We find out about ancestors. We like to talk to family members - especially children - to find out areas of special interest to them.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Your Story Here LLC different to other video production companies?

What if I've already written my life story?

Can I give this as a gift?

How long will it take?

These are all good questions. Have a look at the Q & A on this page. Or, give us a call on the number below!

At Your Story Here Video Biography, you deal directly with a principal of the business.

Your Story Here. Let us help you with your greatest gift. The greatest gift.

Questions (cont'd)

Q: My Mom has written her life story...
A: Fantastic! That makes the job much easier. And having both a written and a video record of your Mom will be a blessing for generations.

Q: Grand Dad passed some years ago...
A: If you have photographs, documents, tools or stories then we can help you with a Your Story Here memorial video.

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Q: So how long does it take and how soon will it be ready?
A: The interview and associated filming usually takes around a day - some time to get ready and some time to interview and record. We normally need around two to three weeks to finish the biography - depending on how busy we are.

Q: Do you do sports or music highlight reels?
A: Yes:
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